The Best Paper For Printing Your Own Teacher Planner

The easiest way to make your printed planner feel more professional and enjoyable to use is to choose the right type of paper. Regular paper is a little thinner than the paper that comes in a store-bought planners, and almost always shows printing and writing through the paper when using it 2-sided in a planner.

Paper thickness is called “paper weight” and is measured in pounds (lb.). Standard copy or printer paper is 20 lb. paper but bumping up to 28 lb paper will transform your planner from “I printed it myself” to “It looks like I bought this”. You also won’t have to be annoyed by seeing the printing and/or your handwriting through the other side of every page in your planner. 

bumping up to 28 lb paper will transform your planner from “I printed it myself” to “It looks like I bought this”

Here’s a great 28 lb. paper – it is a pack of 500 sheets, so you’ll have plenty to print your planner for 5 years or more. I always write “planner paper” across the pack of paper and save it to use each year for my planner. Once you have it, though, I’m sure you’ll find yourself reaching for it anytime you want to print something special as well! 

Here’s the exact same page in my Nurtured Potential Planner – one printed on 28 lb. paper and the other on 20 lb regular printer paper. The difference is pretty clear, right?

32 lb. paper is also an option and gives a luxurious, heavy feel to the pages in your planner. What I’ve found though, is that since it is thicker paper, if I want to have a lot of pages in my planner, the planner can get thicker quicker and become slightly bulkier than I’d like and than it would be if I used 28 lb. paper. However, if you don’t have a ton to add to your planner or are putting it in a binder where you have lots of space, 32 lb. paper could be an indulgent splurge. 

Don’t already have the Nurtured Potential Teacher Planner? It’s your gorgeous custom dream planner that practically creates itself. Choose your exact layout, list your school year and holiday dates and the items you want to automatically appear in every week of your planner and in moments your custom teacher planner is created for you and ready to enjoy as a digital teacher planner or a printed teacher planner! 

Enjoy your personally-printed, but luxuriously professional-looking planner!


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